Funko Reveals Their Classic 1982 TRON POP! Figures


Funko has revealed that they will be releasing a few vinyl POP! figures based on the classic 1982 film Tron. The best part is that they glow in the dark! There are only two characters in the set so far and they include Tron and Sark. Each character also has a special chase variant edition with a 1-in-6 chance of getting the special variant. Here are the details that came along with the announcement:

“The ultimate tool can become the ultimate enemy.”
A computer programmer is transported into a computer mainframe and has to escape! In order to do so he must interact with various programs. This is none other than Disney’s classic film Tron.
Disney’s Tron, now has a few characters joining Pop!
This series features Tron – the self-monitoring security program, and the evil program Sark! Both Pop!s hold discs from their fierce disc battle!

I don't collect a lot of POP! figures, but I'm definitely going to be grabbing these for myself because I'm such a huge fan of the film.

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