Funny New Trailer For Pete Holmes' HBO Comedy Series CRASHING


HBO has released a new trailer for the third season of comedian Pete Holmes’ HBO series Crashing and it’s pretty damn funny.

I love this show! Holmes is a funny guy and I love the uncomfortable awkwardness that he brings to this show. If you haven’t started watching the show yet and you enjoy laughing, you should check it out!

The new season “finds Pete reinvigorated, meaning he’s no longer crashing on people’s couches. With this newfound vigor, he reenters the NYC stand-up comedy world following a college tour. But even though he’s improved, that doesn’t mean he’s at the head of the pack. While continuing to orbit around fellow comic and ex-girlfriend Ali, he connects with a new woman, Kat, who has a unique perspective on the comedy world and isn’t trying to make it big by telling jokes. As Pete edges closer to success one stand-up set at a time, he continues to navigate his faith, dating and the ever-changing comedy scene.”

This trailer puts the focus on on Pete’s relationship with his new gal Kat (Madeline Wise) and also features some of the fun stand-up comedy that will fill the series.

Season 3 will also feature some famous comedian guest stars that include Amy Schumer, Ray Romano, and Holmes’ real-life, longtime friend John Mulaney.

Crashing season 3 is set to premiere on HBO on January 20th, 2019.

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