Funny or Die SNACKPOCALYPSE Comedy Sketch with Chloe Moretz

Funny or Die has released a great comedy sketch called "Snackopocalypse" that stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Clark Duke, Tyler Posey, Sufe Bradshaw, and First Lady Michelle Obama

The story is set in a world where junk food is king, but one girl (Moretz) doesn't succumb to the evils of junk food and avoids becoming a junk food zombie. So it's up to her to save the day, even if she does it grudgingly. 

This was a very funny short up until the very end. They really didn't need to throw that ending in there as it seemed out of place and it simply wasn't funny… for me anyway. Maybe you'll like the ending. I don't know, watch it and find out!  

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