Funny Pokemon Live-Action Role Playing Mocumentary-Style Short - POKELARP

Everyone who played Pokemon as a kid always wished they could have them in real life, right? It's not just me? Ok, cool. But then the time came where we grew up and realized that would never happen, so we just kept playing the games in our homes, away from the prying eyes of those who would judge us. 

In this mockumentary-style video by Team Gravity, one young man-child, lives out his adventure by live action role playing with his friends and one actual adult who is forced into it. It's actually really funny especially if you enjoy mockumentary style videos like Waiting for Guffman or What We Do in the Shadows. This was intended to be a series but never got off the ground as hoped. It's still pretty enjoyable for a small group of filmmakers. If you are a fan of Pokemon and up for a laugh check it out.

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