Funny Sci-fi Comedy Short STRYKA Follows the Life of an Alien Thief in Brooklyn

Director Emily Carmichael has created a fantastic sci-fi comedy short that you’ve gotta check out! It’s called "Stryka," and it centers around the life of a strong reptile-like alien character from another world, her partner, and their life in crime. The story is set in a futuristic Brooklyn, New York and this is the synopsis:

Stryka is an awesome reptile woman from another planet who does heists and odd jobs with her (literal) partner in crime, Callen. But she has a secret–she’s been stealing with somebody else. (She just wants a partner who cleans up well enough to pull off a fancy jewel heist once and a while–is that so wrong?) Anxious about her career in thievery and torn by her loyalty to competing thieves, Stryka has to figure out where she belongs. Luckily, she has a highly advanced robot therapist to talk it over with.

When talking about her film on, Carmichael said:

“I think a playful questioning of accepted story archetypes can have broad-reaching effect on how we encounter stories, ourselves and each othe. There’s an ideological war afoot between those who believe the voices of all people everywhere should be heard, and those who think that’s somehow ‘asking too much,’ or ‘going too far.’ And this is how we will win—by committing ourselves to exposing the untold story, wherever we find it, in our reality or an alternate one.”

The short is extremely well made and wonderfully entertaining. The production value and designs are also insanely impressive. It stars Aimee Mullins as Stryka and Rupert Friend as Callen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

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