Funny STAR WARS Comedy Sketch Follows Stormtrooper Fanboys Geeking Out Over Darth Vader

“We are Stormtroopers. You know what we do best? We die.” 

I've got a great Star Wars comedy short for you to check out today that revolves around three Stormtroopers, who while in the middle of a battle see Darth Vader enter the fray. The one who sees him starts geeking out over the thought of meeting Vader and shaking his hand. Most of the short revolves around that Stormtrooper trying to talk the other Stormtroopers into going up to Vader to live out his fanboy dream of shaking his hand. This is just good funny Star Wars humor that I think any Star Wars fan will enjoy. The video was created by DanKhooProductions and you can check it out below! 

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