FURY — Brutal Clip With Nazi POW, New Featurette, 4 More Clips, and B-Roll

An intense clip from Fury has Brad Pitt as War Daddy forcing Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman) to kill an unarmed Nazi POW. "War is Hell," and it often requires killing to win. The clip cuts before the resoltuion to the scene, but it does presents a very clear reality: everything soft about Lerman's character is going to be destroyed.

A featurette titled "Heart and Soul" talks about the relationship between the two characters, how it evolves, and the journey they will take. There are also four more clips that should give you a feeling of what the movie will be like. Finally, we have almost four minutes of b-roll, which is a raw presentation of the film's production.

Fury hits theaters October 17th (USA).

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