FURY Director David Ayer is Developing a Private Military Contractor Series Called THE COMPANY

Suicide Squad, End of Watch, and Fury director David Ayer is currently developing a new drama series for Showtime called The Company. The show will revolve around private military contractors, which is the kind of story that is right up Ayer’s alley.

He will write and direct the series, which is described as an “irreverent look at the military contracting industry during its Wild West heyday post 9/11. Further described as an ‘anti-procedural,’ it will take the larger than life personalities that fight our wars out of the shadows and put them on display.”

I like many of the films that David Ayer has made and love his gritty hardcore storytelling style. If this new project of his actually goes to series, it will be the first TV series that he’ll be involved with in his career. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

Source: Variety

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