FX Bringing Every Episode of THE SIMPSONS to App This Summer

Good news, everyone! DOH! Wrong show...FX announced recently that starting this summer all 530 episodes of The Simpsons will be available via the FXNOW app. All episodes will be available at the same time, which means no cycling or waiting for the season you want to appear. As of now the service will operate for many people like HBO GO or other network subscription services. This means you'll be able to watch it via app definitely, but FX is also arranging deals with cable providers. According to QZ, the network paid 1 billion dollars to have the episodes for the next ten years for streaming, which FX executives say will be key to future mobile ad revenue....which they believe will spike in the future. Gear up boys and girls, with the announcement of this and the WWE Network, it sounds like the app based TV future is rolling our way.

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