Gal Gadot Wants Each WONDER WOMAN Film To Explore Different Values of the Character

Regardless of what you think about Justice League and the DC films, I think most everyone can agree that Wonder Woman is the best part of the franchise. I freakin' love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman! She was one of the best parts of Justice League and I can't wait for her solo sequel! 

During a recent appearance on The Today Show, Gal Gadot talked about the responsibility that she feels of being a role model and what she would like to see explored in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequels. One of the things she would like to do is explore the many different values of Wonder Woman. She says:

"So many journeys she can experience. She has so many beautiful values. Each chapter is about different values of Wonder Woman. I think that could be really awesome. It’s like the Wonder Woman bible.”

I could totally get behind that idea of each film diving deep into one of Wonder Woman's core values that the character has displayed throughout her comic book history. Wonder Woman 2 is set to hit theaters on November 1, 2019, so we've still got a long way to go.

Watch the interview with Gal Gadot below and let us know what you think of her idea of making these films like the "Wonder Woman bible."

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