Game Night Table Topper Looks Like a Must Have for Many Tabletop Gamers

I love playing tabletop games, but sometimes I wish I had a nicer table dedicated to gaming. Something with a nice felt top. Well, NE Ware Games has actually gone ahead and created an amazing product for people who want a nicer table without needing space for a whole new table. The Game Night Table Topper is essentially a nice table top that can be folded and stored when you’re not playing games. This makes it great for people who live in apartments or just don’t have room. The Table Topper is available in four colors and three sizes to meet a variety of needs.

The catch is that at the moment, you have to go through Kickstarter, and the project is not fully funded yet. The campaign has a little over 10 days to go and is roughly 77% funded as of this writing. This is a product that looks amazing, and I think most gamers will want one.

Something to note is that in the photos, you have cup holders located in the middle of each player station. However, in the updates to the Kickstarter, they have addressed this and have actually doubled the number of holders on each Table Topper and relocated them for better positioning. I want one really bad! What color do you want?

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