GAME OF THRONES: 5 Predictions For Season 7 Plotlines

As we settle in for the long ten month wait until Game of Thrones returns to television, we're not quite ready to stop talking about the show yet. And since we're really going to be off-book moving forward (unless George R.R. Martin releases The Winds of Winter between seasons and it contains story points beyond what we've seen so far in the show), I figured I'd throw out a few predictions about some plotlines that could happen in season 7 and see what you all think.

Jaime vs. Cersei

At this point in Martin's novels, Jaime Lannister is pretty much done with Cersei because she slept with Lancel (and a litany of other people) and he feels betrayed and inadequate. The finale left his reunion with his sister/lover intentionally vague, but that look they shared at the end certainly wasn't a loving one. He's gotta be pretty pissed that his only remaining son killed himself because of Cersei's actions (she could have prevented Tommen's death had she not been so focused on getting revenge on Septa Unella), so I don't imagine he'll be giving lovey-dovey speeches to her anymore about how they're the only two people in the world who matter. Plus, there's the whole prophecy aspect that hints Cersei will die at the hands of her younger brother. Many assume this means Tyrion, but some suspect it's Jaime, since, even though he and Cersei are twins, he's technically slightly younger.

Sam and Jorah Buddy Comedy in Oldtown

Samwell Tarly had his big Beauty and the Beast moment in the library of Oldtown, and I'll bet that as he's wandering those immense halls searching for information about how to take down the White Walkers, he'll come across Ser Jorah Mormont, who will be following Dany's orders and trying to find the cure for his greyscale. If there's any place in the world that would have the solution for him, the Citadel's library seems like the perfect spot.

Dany and Jon Meet

The Dragon Queen and the King in the North...sounds like a match made in heaven, right? When Dany left Daario behind, she mentioned possibly needing to marry someone as a strategic move when she arrives in Westeros — assuming she doesn't get waylaid by Euron Greyjoy before she gets there. Jon seems like a decent choice (mainly because he's one of the only kings left alive at this point), but there's that pesky little detail about them actually being related. (Dany is Jon's aunt...he's the offspring of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.) But that's never stopped Targaryens from marrying before, and technically neither of them know that they're related yet. Maybe they'll have a bit of a Star Wars/Luke and Leia thing before they realize they're related? At least aunt/nephew is slightly better than Cersei and Jaime's brother/sister thing.

The Wall Comes Down

You didn't think Benjen just randomly stopped in the finale to remind us about how the Wall contains magical elements, did you? And wasn't it convenient how we never heard Bran or Meera tell Benjen about how Bran was marked by the Night King? I'm guessing that's a pretty damn important detail, and it seems incredibly likely that by passing through (or under, or over) the Wall, Bran is going to inadvertently bring it down and allow the White Walkers to come pouring in.

Arya in The Riverlands

We last saw Arya Stark slitting the throat of Walder Frey at The Twins, which is in the heart of the riverlands. While I don't think we'll ever see the Lady Stoneheart character in the show, there's a good chance Arya could become a sort of stand-in for that character, tromping through the region killing everyone involved with the Red Wedding and enacting Starkish revenge left and right. It seems pretty obvious to me that at the very least, she's going to encounter the Brotherhood Without Banners and The Hound again, and since Melisandre should be wandering through that area too, I wouldn't be surprised to see that interaction occur. What do you think Arya's role will be in the "great war to come?"

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