Aidan Gillen, who plays Littlefinger in Game of Thrones, is set to play the villain in Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, which is the sequel to The Maze Runner that 20th Century Fox recently announced. The actor also played a major part in HBO's The Wire. He will be joined by Breaking Bad co-star Giancarlo EspositoRosa Salazar, and Mud actor Jacob Lofland.

I thought The Maze Runner was an awesome movie, and I'm glad that the studio is moving forward with the next installment of the James Dashner book trilogy. The story picks up after a small group of teens escape a deadly maze. The sequel picks up with them on the run in a wasteland of Earth that has been ravaged by solar flares.

According to THR, Gillen will play Janson, who becomes the main antagonist of the Maze Runner books. He is also referred to as Rat-Man. Salazar will play Brenda, "a character who runs around with another group of teens (as that group's lone female), who ends up paired with O'Brien's character when both end up on the run in tunnels underneath a city." Lofland is set to play Aris Jones, who is a significant character from second book. "After The Gladers escape the maze, they meet Aris and discover his connection to the maze and the people who built it." Esposito will play will play Jorge, described as the leader of a group known as the Cranks.

The movie is due to begin shooting at the end of October.

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