GAME OF THRONES: Best Moments From Season 6, Ep. 3 "Oathbreaker"

Warning: spoilers ahead for season 6, episode 3 of Game of Thrones, entitled "Oathbreaker." If you haven't seen the episode yet, turn back now. 

This season, I'm going to try to write up some quick thoughts about each episode the day after it airs. I won't get too deep into full-on recaps (you can find those all over the internet, and you've probably already read a few today if you're into that sort of thing) and will instead focus on what I consider to be each episode's best moments. This can be as many or as few as I want, and will likely vary every episode — today, it's three. I'll also toss in some additional observations that don't fit into the "best moments" category, which you can find at the bottom of the post. For the best moments of the latest episode, click here. Onward!

3. Arya's Sight Restored

There's only so much I can take of Arya getting the crap kicked out of her by the waif, especially after her (let's face it) pretty boring season last year. So I'm very thankful the show only devoted three episodes to her blindness, and pretty much sped through her training in a montage this week. What is she going to do now that she has her sight back? Is this the end of her training, or does she still have more to do in order to become one of the Faceless Men? And what will she do once she officially becomes one of them? Remember, Needle is still hidden in the rocks outside the House of Black and White, so I'm guessing (hoping) Cersei, The Mountain, or Walder Frey will meet their end at her hands. Here's hoping her plotline continues to move forward at this pace for the rest of the season.

2. Jon's Revenge

Jon Snow, resurrected at the end of last week's episode, spends most of the episode shell-shocked. But by the end, he takes his revenge and hangs the Night's Watch members who stabbed him, including that son of a bitch Olly. Then he gives command of Castle Black to Edd and stalks off like a badass, dropping the one-liner "My watch has ended" as the episode cuts to credits. How long will he spend out on his own before he returns to them? It seems like he needs their army if he's going to battle Ramsay Bolton, and I'm excited to see how Jon grapples with his resurrection. I have a friend who thinks that the show should have saved Jon's return until the end of this season, but I'm convinced Jon has far too much to do this year; it should be fun to see what actions he takes in order for the story to justify the decision to bring him back to life.

1. Bran's Flashback

This scene was heaven for those who've read the books. Seeing a young Ned Stark, Howland Reed (Meera's father), and their crew battle Ser Arthur Dayne (nicknamed "The Sword of the Morning," and one of the best swordsmen in Westeros) was totally awesome: excellently shot, perfectly choreographed, and wonderfully executed on every level. The only thing I was bummed about was that the Three Eyed Raven took Bran out of the vision before Ned could reunite with his sister Lyanna, who is up in that tower. (What happens there is the source of a major fan theory, and it seems like the show is going to slowly reveal pieces of that theory across this whole season before the ultimate unveiling.) Plus, even though the Raven tells Bran that he can't interact with the past, it seemed pretty clear that young Ned heard Bran call out to him, so I'm excited to see how Bran influences past, present, and future events as this season progresses.

Additional Observations

Tormund talking about the size of Jon's "pecker" was hilarious.

Props to Peter Dinklage for doing a lot with a little this week. His interactions with Grey Worm and Missandei were pretty funny, and I'm curious if Varys will be able to keep his network of "little birds" communicating effectively from halfway around the world; it already looks like his King's Landing faction has been commandeered by Qyburn.

It was nice to see Sam and Gilly again, however briefly. I wasn't the biggest fan of their characters when they were cooped up in Castle Black, but now that they're off on their own heading to Oldtown (by way of Horn Hill), they've become a much more interesting pair to me.

I think it's safe to say that Dany isn't going to become a full-fledged member of the dosh khaleen — or if she does, she won't be one for long. I'm hoping she only spends another episode or two dealing with that particular storyline before she breaks free (or is rescued).

I really enjoyed the way Smalljon Umber refused to play Ramsay Bolton's political games, but his "gift" has dark connotations for what's to come. We haven't seen Rickon Stark since...what, season 2? But things are not looking good for that kid these days now that he's in the sadistic hands of the new Lord Bolton.

I despise the High Sparrow, but you've gotta give him credit for the way he de-escalated the situation when Tommen barged in on him. The scene starts with two sets of soldiers steps away from a brawl, and by the end, the Sparrow has Tommen seated next to him on a bench and basically agreeing with everything he says. Say what you will about that dude, but he's a master manipulator. I hope he gets his comeuppance quickly.

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