GAME OF THRONES Feudal Japan Era Art

Art Game of Thrones by Joey Paur

Check out this beautiful series of art that sets Game of Thrones in Feudal Japan. The illustrations were created by Sei-G, and they really take the world of Westeros and turn it into an even more beautiful and magical place. The Feudal Japan setting and woodblock prints are just incredibly cool! Here's a description of the piece above,

Robert Baratheon and Rhaegar Targaryen that preceded the series by seventeen years. Instead of a war hammer, Robert wields a Kanabō, a club-like samurai bludgeoning weapon. His antlered helmet is inspired by the famous helmet of the warlord Honda Tadakatsu.

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The honorable Ned Stark commits seppuku like a samurai on the command of the boy king Joffrey

Catelyn Stark and Tyrion Lannister on a journey together

Above shows Danaerys wearing Heian-period royal clothing with her dragons.

Hodor and Bran with a Shinto shimenawa prayer rope around the tree

Jon Snow Duels Qhorin Halfhand as Wildlings Look On


The Red Viper Dueling the Mountain

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