GAME OF THRONES - LEGO Minifigs and Intro Reimagined for Skyrim

Here's a couple of fan made things for Game of Thrones for you to check out today! Above you'll find some custom made LEGO minifigs featuring several characters from the epic fantasy series. These are not official, but if you're willing to drop $220 you can purchase them by heading over to Werd

Below, we have a really cool video from Brady Wold that reimagines the Game of Thrones intro for the video game Skyrim. The creator had this to say,

"This started off as an exercise to kill time one afternoon about two years ago, never intending it to be a finished product. I continued to work on it here and there throughout various freelance projects, internships, and other personal projects, until it eventually became a burden; my very own 'white whale.'"

I'm glad he finished it because it's awesome! It's kind of fun to be taken on a tour through the world of Skyrim... Game of Thrones style!