GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Is Reportedly Gearing Up for the Biggest Battle Yet!

TV Game of Thrones by Joey Paur

According to a recent report from WatchersOnTheWall, Game of Thrones season seven is gearing up to give us the biggest battle in the series' history. Yes, it's said to be even bigger than Battle of the Bastards last season!

According to the report, preparations are underway for a fight between two or more factions that will be made up of 500 extras and 100 horses. That's slightly more than what was in Battle of the Bastards, which used 500 extras and 70 horses. So there's a bit more horsepower this time around.

Some photos from the set of the series also recently surfaced at the Spanish newspaper El Periódico Extremadura and clearly show a large scene being set up involving horses and smoke machines. 

All of the extras being used will go through military training, and they will be needed on set for shooting at least a month. That’s a pretty big commitment, but holy crap! Wouldn't it be so cool to be a part of this battle as an extra!? 

Game of Thrones isn't shy about going big and giving fans an epic battle, and this one is clearly being set up to be something huge. It appears the moody head of House Tarly will be involved in the battle. The report also confirms the following:

"We have been able to confirm that in the course of next season’s packed story, characters will travel to Highgarden and Casterly Rock both. The Tyrell home was a popular suspect for the reported castle in the background of the soon-to-be-filmed ambush setpiece."

This ambush will also feature James Faulkner, who is returning as Lord Randyll Tarly. He posted the following photo of himself from the set.

I can't wait to see how this all turns out! 

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