GAME OF THRONES Star Rejects That Sansa Pregnancy Fan Theory

Since this season of Game of Thrones has, in many storylines, moved past the events of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels, an insane number of fan theories have popped up online and gained traction as some fans desperately grasp to figure out future plot points. One of these was a theory about how when Ramsay Bolton raped Sansa last season, he impregnated her and she's been carrying his child within her ever since.

Devotees of this theory have pointed to several things as "proof" that they're correct: lines in earlier episodes about how Sansa can still feel what Ramsay did to her, Sansa sewing herself a new dress, Sansa not eating the food at Castle Black, etc. And in last week's "Battle of The Bastards," Ramsay uttered a line that those fans latched onto as the latest example of a hint of proof: "You can’t kill me, I’m part of you now." Now, thankfully, one of the show's actors — Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos Seaworth — has spoken out and rejected this theory in an interview with The Huffington Post:

“Unless [Ramsay's] got one of those ‘Game of Thrones’ pregnancy sticks, he’s not gonna know,” said Cunningham. “I think, I would imagine, it’s open to whatever you want it to be, but I think he’s saying he’s put himself into her head. That’s what I took from it. She’s never gonna get rid of him because of what he’s done to her. He knows what he’s done to her. It was off camera, what he was doing to her, but we all know what it was. But I think he’s placed himself in her soul for all the wrong reasons.”

Over at Vanity Fair, Joanna Robinson has an excellent breakdown of why this theory doesn't hold any water:

Let’s apply a little logic: at the end of Season 5, Sansa took a huge tumble from the walls of Winterfell, then plunged her traumatized body into an icy Northern river. Let’s say a fetus did survive that. Even accounting for the sped-up travel time on the show, it’s now been months since Theon left her side. (It takes a long time to travel from Winterfell to the Iron Islands to Volantis to Meereen. Here’s a map; see for yourself.) Even if she’s a late shower, after all this time, she would certainly know if she were pregnant. And, given Sansa’s boiling hatred for Ramsay, I’m pretty sure she would have availed herself of the Westerosi version of the morning-after pill: Moon Tea.

Sounds like this is one fan theory that can finally be put to bed. What are your favorite/most ridiculous fan theories about Game of Thrones this season?

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