GameStop Added Dozens of SKUs for Unnamed and Seemingly Unannounced Games to Database

E3 is almost here. The biggest gaming event of the year will begin next week, and fans are getting pumped thinking about the new games that will be announced. Well, it looks like fans have some idea of how many games to expect release announcements for this year at the very least thanks to a leak from GameStop. A leak shows that GameStop’s internal system has added 21 Nintendo Switch titles, 20+ PS4 titles, and a few less than that for Xbox One. The leak comes from Sabi, who does have some credibility.

Of course, the SKUs are unnamed, and it is possible that some of these SKUs are for different versions of the same/other games. Also, it should be noted that there’s no guarantee that these will be revealed at E3. After all, PlayStation won’t be attending the conference this year. Not to mention, these SKUs are most likely for games coming out this year, not simply announced at E3. While I’m sure there’s some overlap and I’m sure there are some surprises to be had, I don’t think this leak is pointing to anything pertaining to E3.

Do you think that there’s more to this leak than I?

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