There's still a lot we don't know about Matt Reeves' Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and the teaser trailer really didn't give us much. In an interview with MTV, Gary Oldman talks a little bit about the character he plays in the film and offers a bit of plot information. 

Oldman plays a character who was a police officer before the fall of man and the rise of apes. He says that he is "the designated leader" of a community of humans "who were lucky enough to survive the flu, the disease, and ensuing social uprising," and that he was elected to lead over his group of survivors.

The actor goes on to explain that the community is desperate to find power so they venture to a nearby power station to see if it's still operational. While on that little mission they "discover that there's a whole community of apes living there. We believed that they were all completely fire-bottomed and wiped out."

Oldman teases that when his character finds out about the apes, "There's only one answer for him: Wipe them out." He then goes on to justify his character's inclination toward violence saying, "he's experienced great loss, personally." 

When talking about the director of the film, and what he wanted to do with the story, Oldman says, "He wanted to make it more of a human story. He wanted to explore what had happened, and keep it more focused on the human side of it, before the story becomes the Planet of the Apes as we know it from the original."

It sounds like Reeves has taken the story in the right direction. At least, it's the part of the story I want to see. The movie is set to be released on July 11th, and I can't wait to watch it!