Geoff Keighley Gets More Answers About Google Stadia


Google recently gave everyone a better look at their upcoming game streaming service Google Stadia at E3. However, there are still plenty of questions that people have. Well, Geoff Keighley got the chance to sit down with Google’s Phil Harrison and ask some of the questions that fans are wondering about. Harrison deftly dodges many of the questions, but we do get some information. For instance, it was further explained in the interview that not all games on Stadia will be available as part of the Stadia Pro subscription that you can sign up for. We also learned that you don’t need Stadia Pro in order to access multiplayer options in games. In addition, game publishers will be able to create their own storefronts for Stadia since it’s “just a link.” I’m still very interested in Stadia and hope that things go well for it. What are your thoughts on Stadia, and have your questions been answered?

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