George Clooney and Josh Brolin to Star in the Coen Brothers' HAIL, CAESAR

Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to Joel and Ethan Coen's new original film project Hail, Caesar. To make their movie even more awesome they've cast George Clooney (O Brother Where Art Thou) and Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men) to star alongside each other! The Coens have worked with both of these actors in the past. They are incredibly talented individuals, and I can't help but think they'll make a very entertaining on-screen duo. 

Hail, Caesar tells the comedic tale of Eddie Mannix, a fixer who worked for the Hollywood studios in the 1950s. Here's a more detailed description of the story from when the project was first announced:

"The famed 1950s private investigator who worked for Confidential magazine and was the muckraker of the time using wiretaps to spy on movie stars and gather dirt. Otash was a former lifeguard who became a cop, then helped operate a call girl ring and lost his job as a cop and became a private eye who wiretapped… It was not unusual during the time for studios’ internal security to protect their assets to construct and manage the squeaky clean image of their stars. The big stars of the day were under contracts for a certain number of pictures so the powerful studios had their own go-to guys (and sometimes hired outside investigators) to deep-six scandalous stories, whether it be romantic dalliances, drug use, DUIs, arrests, you name it. For the more serious threats, the fixers used pay-outs, strong-arming, and took care of 'problems' (real or perceived) by any means necessary. It was the day of the old Hollywood star system."

The Coen brothers are also in the process of writing Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' untitled Cold War thriller for DreamWorks. I think their new project is going to turn out amazing, just like the rest of their flicks. 

Source: THR