George R.R. Martin Gives a Big "F-You" to His Fans

A short 3-second video of A Song of Ice and Fire author, George R.R. Martin, was released in which he gives his fans the finger and says "F**k you to those people." This is in response to a question where he is asked about what he thinks of his fans who are demanding that he hurry up and finish the series. The reason for this is because a lot of fans thinks he's going to die before he does. I'd say his response is completely appropriate. He'll finish it when he finishes it. Here's the full quote that you don't hear in the video:

“I find that question, you know, pretty offensive, frankly, when people start speculating about my death and my health,” Martin said, adding “so f**k you to those people.”

Thanks to Technabob for the heads up!