George R.R. Martin Reads His First Published Work, Which Was a Letter to Marvel Comics

We've known for a while that George R. R. Martin had written letters to Marvel Comics back when he was just a wee lad. One of those letters was published in the comic books, which made it Martin's first published work. In this video from the History Channel documentary, Superheroes Decoded, he reads the letter aloud and gives his thoughts on it, saying that it changed his life.

He and many other celebrities make appearances in the documentary special. I love seeing the humble beginnings of creators like this, as well as how something like comics and their writers can be so influential. Check out the video below along with the letter that he wrote with Stan Lee's reply.

Part one of the special aired last night on Sunday, April 30, and will replay tonight on Monday, May 1, along with Part two, on the History Channel.

Via: EW

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