George R.R. Martin Says GAME OF THRONES Book Winds Of Winter Isn't Coming In 2018

There's procrastination, and then there's George R.R. Martin. The author confirmed today that while 2018 will see the release of a Game of Thrones book, it will not be the much-anticipated Winds of Winter. Instead, the author will be releasing Fire and Blood, which Martin proclaimed will be his version of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, or the first half of it anyway:

The book will chronicle the Targaryen Civil War, which played a big part in the history of Game of Thrones, but does nothing towards advancing the book's story. I'm not a betting man, but if I were I'm guessing it's far more profitable at this stage in Martin's career to flesh out his universe for future generations to adapt than it is to finish a story the television series based off it will wrap up in 2019 anyway. Of course, I'm just speculating on that, and it's not like Martin doesn't already have a precedent of making fans wait a long time on his work. 

As morbid as it may be too do this, I'm frustrated enough by this news to put on this poll. Do you think George R.R. Martin will complete A Song of Ice and Fire before he dies? Yes or no?

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