Gerard Way's UMBRELLA ACADEMY TV Series Picked up by Netflix

If you were to tell me to put the front-runner of the band "My Chemical Romance", Gerard Way, and Brazilian comic book illustrator Gabriel Ba together, and you'd end up with an amazing comic book series, I'd give you a doubtful look. But it ended up great, and for awhile it was planned on being turned into a television series or even a film. But time passed, and nothing happened. Except now Netflix has stepped in and saved everybody's day.

That's right, Netflix has picked up The Umbrella Academy to air on their streaming service with a bunch of other great shows. The Umbrella Academy is definitely an interesting take on the superhero genre. It's about a dysfunctional family of superheroes with weird powers, who have to figure out how to work together after breaking up nine years earlier all in order to save the world. It is a period piece set in 1977, but in a reality where JFK was never killed. I love period piece hero stories. I think it adds an element that differentiates them from regular hero flicks.

Jeremy Slater had written a pilot that was in development earlier, so it's expected he is still on board. One of the big things he was interested in was staying true to the comics, including some of the more weird and bizarre bits of the comics, which I think is brilliant. Hopefully we'll hear more down the road about casting and directors.

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