Get Your Halloween Slasher Fix With This New Trailer For TONIGHT SHE COMES


If you're looking for a film to get into this Halloween season that will put a new spin on that old school Slasher genre, you need to check out Tonight She Comes. Here's a description for the film:

After a young woman goes missing, two of her closest friends and a mysterious set of strangers find themselves drawn to the isolated cabin in the woods where she disappeared. As the sun sets, they drink, laugh and flirt, enjoying the privacy of the empty woods. However, as midnight approaches, little do they realise that death is not far away…

Satan worshipers, blood, and naked chicks...yep that sounds like a Slasher film. See the trailer below, and if you're interested in seeing it check out VOD or buy it on DVD if you're in the UK. Thanks to First Showing for the heads up!

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