GHOSTBUSTERS Deleted Scene - Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd Playing 2 Different Characters

Did you know that Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd had an idea for Ghostbusters in which they would play two completely different characters in addition to their roles as Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz?

Murray and Akyroyd would have played a couple of homeless guys in New York that would have been seen throughout the film. According to Yahoo, they would have been "two homeless guys who acted as a something of a Greek chorus (or, in Ramis’s words, 'Shakespearean fools or gravediggers')." They would have provided “absurd commentary” on what was happening.

Director Ivan Reitman eventually decided it wouldn't work because it would have confused audiences. The actors weren’t disguised enough. But Reitman did shoot one scene with the actors in the roles of these homeless men that you can enjoy below. 

What's interesting about the scene is that it really has nothing to do with the rest of the film. It's like a standalone comedy sketch. It would have been so weird for something like this to be in the film. It's a good thing they cut it. 

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