GHOSTBUSTERS Themed Donuts Coming from Krispy Kreme

A few weeks ago I took my kids to go see Ghostbusters on the big screen, and we all had a blast. That was the first time I had seen it on the big screen since it was first released in 1984. I've watched it with my kids countless times, but taking them to see it in the theaters was a really fun experience for them. They love that movie.

Anyway, in celebration of the films 30th anniversary Krispy Kreme is selling Ghostbusters themed donuts with a marshmallow cream filling. How cool is that! Here are the descriptions of the two themed donuts they are offering:

  • Ghostbusters Doughnut: A marshmallow Kreme-filled shell topped with white icing, a decorative green “splat” inspired by Slimer’s green slime, and topped with a Ghostbusters logo sugar piece.
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow: A marshmallow Kreme-filled shell topped with white icing, decorated with a chocolate frosting Stay Puft Marshmallow Man face and a sugar piece hat.

The donuts are available at participating Krispy Kreme US locations, which you can find here. You will be able to get the tasty sugary treats starting on September 29th, 2014, while supplies last. Looks like I'll be making a Ghostbusters donut run with the kids in the near future. 

Via: /Film