GHOSTS OF SALTMARSH Adventure Book Takes Your DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventurers to the High Seas

Dungeons & Dragons has officially announced their next adventure book, Ghosts of Saltmarsh. This will take some of the classic sea-faring adventures longtime players know and love and updating them to fit with 5th Edition. Some of the adventures include:

  • The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

  • Danger at Dunwater

  • The Final Enemy

  • Salvage Operation

  • Isle of the Abbey

  • Tammeraut’s Fate

  • The Styes

The 256-page book not only houses the adventures, but it also features the mechanics for using your own ship to explore as well as detailing the town of Saltmarsh. There’s even information in the appendices for ship-to-ship combat, new magic items, monsters, and more. While the adventures can be used separately, they can also be used together for characters starting at level one all the way to level twelve.

You can pre-order Ghosts of Saltmarsh on Amazon now for $49.95, Barnes & Noble for $38.96, or your friendly local game store for whatever they charge (probably around the $49.95 price point). The book will launch on May 21 ,and I expect that’s when it will be available on D&D Beyond, although no official information has been given for the digital formats.

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