G.I. JOE 3 to be Directed by CASINO ROYALE’s Martin Campbell?

Like it or not, Paramount Pictures is still moving forward with G.I. Joe 3. Personally, I think they should throw out what they’ve done with this franchise and start all over from scratch. This film franchise should have been so much better than what it is.

According to Schmoes Know (a site that successfully breaks scoops every now and then) the studio is looking to hire Martin Campbell to direct the movie. Campbell directed the awesome James Bond film Casino Royal and the absolutely awful DC Comics superhero movie Green Lantern.

No offer has been made yet, and as of right now no negotiations are taking place. But he’s the guy that the studio and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura want to helm the feature. Campbell hasn’t made a movie since Green Lantern, but according to the report, the directing gig for G.I. Joe 3 is his if he wants it. 

As much as I disliked Green Lantern, I want to give Campbell the benefit of the doubt. You could tell that Green Lantern was a film made more by the studio executives than the the actual director. And let’s face it, Casino Royal was freakin’ badass. 

Maybe Campbell will deliver a good movie. I like the idea of him directing, but it all depends on what he has to work with, and judging from what the first two films set up for him, he does’t have much. The movie is currently being written by Jonathan Lemkin (Red, Planet, The Devil’s Advocate, Lethal Weapon 4). 

I didn’t care for either of the G.I. Joe live-action movies, and even if Campbell came on board to direct this new one, I’m still not hopeful. I’d definitely be more excited if he was allowed to just reboot the franchise. As a huge fan of G.I. Joe, I want to see a series of great live action films, but unfortunately, Paramount isn’t on that road.

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