GO GO POWER RANGERS #22 is Setting Up Some Big Things... I Think


Go Go Power Rangers #22 is finally out, and it is so awesome. It continues the Necessary Evil storyline that started with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40. There’s some really cool stuff in this issue, so I’m going to jump in, but be warned that spoilers abound.

The issue starts with flashbacks to the team discussing whether or not they’ll let Tommy join the group if they’re able to save him from Rita’s control. Of course, at this point in the present of the comics, Tommy has been freed from Rita, joined the Rangers, and then lost his powers in GGPR #21. This is one of the things I really appreciate about the comics, they bring to light some moments that I’ve never thought about happening to help enrich the story.

We then cut back to the present and Jason tries attacking the Blue Emissary because, that’s what you do when a strange being shows up in your garage/basement and is acting all weird. It is then revealed that the Emissary shouldn’t be there but is acting out of desperation. Man, I remember when we first met the Emissaries and they seemed so cool. However, I feel like since then, they’ve just been shown to be terrible at their jobs at protecting the Morphin Grid.

Meanwhile, Billy is getting frustrated that he, Alpha, and Zordon can’t find a way to recharge the Dragon Power Coin. This is actually a nice moment because it lets us dive a bit deeper into Billy’s character as he admits that he has come to love being a Ranger and can’t imagine not being one anymore, so he’s scared of losing his powers. Are they foreshadowing to when they get to Zeo and Billy is no longer able to be a Ranger?

Meanwhile, Matt (remember him?) approaches Kimberley and starts to mend the bridge. His interaction does seem to really hit a sore spot with her though since he talks about Tommy who just left Kimberley the issue before.

Cut to Lord Zedd and he explains to Finster why he doesn’t use Finster and it’s so brilliant that I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before. He explains that he prefers using personal items for his monsters because, “If you take something your enemy loves, corrupt it, defile it, and turn it against them…you win, even when you lose.” That is some evil stuff right there and should automatically put Zedd at the top of everyone’s “Best Power Rangers Villains” list.

We then see Zack and Trini volunteering at the Volunteer Center and bonding when Zedd turns the bunny Mr. Loppsy into a warrior rabbit that would be an awesome D&D character. Everyone shows up except for Jason because the Blue Emissary is doing something to his mind and the Rangers are suffering.

What the heck is going on with Jason? What is the Emmisary’s plan? Part of me wonders if this has to do with the Omega Rangers, but that’s part of MMPR. Ryan Parrott is creating another brilliant story and I cannot wait for the story to continue.

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