Let's Talk About GO GO POWER RANGERS #23

Go Go Power Rangers #23 is out now at your favorite comic retailer and it accomplishes two things. First, it gives us more of a glimpse into how the Omega Rangers came to be. Second, it foreshadows the future. Before we continue, you should know that we’re going to be doing some major spoilers down below.

GGPR #23 starts with Jason in a vision being bestowed upon him by the Blue Emissary to restore his memories of the events of “Shattered Grid.” Part of this is a fight against Drakkon that never actually happened. Towards the end of the issue, it’s explained that no one know what that even was with the leading theory being that it was a battle for Jason’s sanity since he had to process so much information at once.

Jason eventually comes to and Alpha finally gets a hold of him so he can help the others fight Warbunny. Warbunny has grown and given the four Rangers a real struggle even in their Zords. After Jason arrives with the Red Dragon Zord, they’re able to defeat Warbunny and return him to Mr. Loppsy. After the fight, Zack confides in Trini that he wants to help out at the Community Center with her more, but then we learn that Trini has decided to quit. Her decision came because Lord Zedd only targeted that place because of the Rangers which fits the MO he gave in GGPR #22. This of course has the whole team a little shook and when asked about what happened to Jason, he lies and says his communicator was having problems and he just didn’t hear it.

Cut to Kimberly and Matt at a park with Kim unloading some of the stress onto the nice guy. One thing I really appreciated was the appearance of the fist statue in the background that resembles the statue from the episodes when the White Ranger makes his debut in the show. Maybe there’ll be a connection later?

Finally, we go back to Jason who’s in his garage beating up a punching bag and he’s talking to the Blue Emissary. This is when he says that he needs a new team to deal with the threats he saw from the future parts of his vision earlier (I can only assume he means the Omega Rangers). We then see some silhouettes of figures with three front and center. We see Dayne, Garrison Vox, and a third one that I’m not sure who it is. The shape reminds me a bit of Kiya in some ways and Queen Adriyel in others. It’s very possible that this is an unknown villain on its way.

GGPR #23 is very clearly setting up Jason, Trini, and Zack leaving the team to become the Omega Rangers. I do have a lot of questions regarding Blue Emissary though that are yet to be answered and may not be answered for a while if ever. I’m not sure I 100% trust him for instance. I am a little curious about what’s in store for Matt as well. What are your thoughts after this issue?

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