GO GO POWER RANGERS is Doing a Back to School Special Issue

I really enjoy both Power Rangers comics: Go Go Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I’ve really been enjoying the Shattered Grid story and can’t wait to read Beyond the Grid from MMPR and the new GGPR that will feature color swaps. With a change in the story to Beyond the Grid, BOOM! Studios has brought on Marguerite Bennet as writer and fans will get a fun sample of what she can do before Beyond the Grid comes out. Bennet is at the helm for a one-shot Back to School special that sees the Rangers going on Spring Break. The interesting thing is that they won’t be together during the break and supposedly they won’t be needed to save the world.

In the preview, we get to see Jason in a classroom, Trini on a farm, and Billy appears to be at an outdoor market or fair of some kind. The real interesting part is that we don’t get to see any text. We have no idea what is being said by any of the characters, nor what they’re thinking. The look of surprise on Billy’s face alone has me excited to read this one-shot, but I’m also excited to see the Rangers when they’re not Rangers.


Go Go Power Rangers: Back to School #1 will be available September 19, 2018.

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