GOD OF WAR Throne Statue by Gaming Heads

Remind me not to invite Kratos to my next soirée, because that guy looks miserable. It just goes to show that being made the new God of War isn’t perhaps all it's cracked up to be. Sure, you get a giant throne complete with snazzy armor, and you get to battle Xena and Gabrielle on their quest to….wait, wrong Ares.

Okay, so the job kind of sucks.

Regardless of Kratos' clear lack of enthusiasm, this statue recreation by Gaming Heads is absolutely splendid, and at 29" high, is massive! There is the standard edition with his normal look, and the exclusive edition with Ares armor. Personally, the exclusive edition is just awesome looking, but both are now up for pre-order. The price tag is a hefty one at $499 but, of course, you can break that up into monthly installments. Check out the galleries below for a closer look at the statue.

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