GODZILLA Eats Cars in Fun Fiat Commercial

"He's back! And it looks like he's craving Italian."

Fiat released this amazingly clever car commercial for their 500L series. It features Godzilla on a destructive path through the city, eating cars along the way. The most hilarious thing about this commercial is a little note at the bottom of the screen at the end that says, "Didn't Actually Happen." Here's the note that came along with the commercial:

In our newest television commercial, the FIAT 500 experiences firsthand the power and size of Godzilla. Godzilla notices the FIAT 500L, but he's eying a snack rather than the panoramic, floating roof. And while the 500L does a good job of overcoming the road-level obstacles of the escape, the clutches of Godzilla finally catch up to the speedy Italian.

Enjoy the commercial!