GODZILLA — High Contrast Punk Rock Poster


Godzilla has a new poster that's high contrast and has kind of a punk rock vibe. It reminds me of Rancid's "…and Out Come the Wolves" cover.

Before starting GeekTyrant I was a graphic designer for punk rock label Hell-Cat Records. I designed everything from band t-shirts, album art, posters, stickers, ads, and I even designed Rancid's old website. Some of that punk rock vibe I picked up still influences GeekTyrant's current design.

Something I really love about the high contrast look is how it sharpens detail and makes everything flat and graphical. I really hope to see more Godzilla posters in this style. 

Godzilla destroys cities and your mind May 16th (USA). Source: SHH.

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