GODZILLA Review - It Was Everything I Hoped for

ReviewMovie Godzilla by Joey Paur

From the moment this new Godzilla movie was teased at San Diego Comic-Con two years ago, I've been excitedly pumped up to see see how it would turn out. That excitement for the film only got stronger over the years, with everything that has been released, and I have to say the final product kicked so much ass!  

I grew up watching the old-school Godzilla movies over the years, and I loved how the filmmakers took elements from all of those films, and combined them into one ultimate film experience that fans can enjoy. Watching this movie made me want to go back and revisit some of the classic Godzilla flicks that I haven't seen in a long time. I know the special effects won't live up to what this movie gave us, but I'm curious to see how the stories hold up after all these years.

Look, if you throw Godzilla up on the big screen and have him fight other giant monsters, I'm going to freakin' enjoy myself. I know what I was getting myself into, I know what I wanted to see, and this movie delivered all of that and more. I'm not one to nit pic and tear apart all of the little things that didn't make sense in a movie like this. When I was watching gigantic monsters epically battling to the death, the 10-year-old in me sat there in awe with a huge smile on my face enjoying every minute of it. 

Outside of the monsters, the human characters in the story were really interesting and well rounded. Bryan Cranston gave one hell of a powerful performance. I really felt for his character, and was invested in the personal mission that he was trying to accomplish. There were even some intense moments in there where I got a little emotional. I cared about his character. It's hard not too when you see the agony in Cranston's face!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was also great in the movie, and his character played an integral role in the story. He plays the son of Cranston's character, and while trying to get back to his family in San Francisco he volunteers his services to help the military take down the giant beasts. He's a likable character that you can't help but root for. That poor guy really goes through some heavy shit, but he's a guy that will push through the agony and get the job done.

The way that Godzilla was portrayed was my favorite aspects of the movie. They gave me everything I loved about the creature, and it was so cool to see him use his atomic breath. I really wanted to see that. The first time he uses it in the film I'm sure I jumped out of my seat and cheered while pumping my fist in the air with excitement. That just gives you an idea of how much appreciation I have for this legendary movie character. 

This movie was made for Godzilla fans, by Godzilla fans. Edwards created an extremely entertaining movie that was made to bring out that awe, wonder and excitement that we love to feel when we go to the movies. If you're into watching destructive monsters causing chaos and kicking ass, then this is the perfect movie for you to see. In the end, Godzilla is everything that I hoped it would be.

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