GODZILLA Sequel Is in Development

Movie Godzilla by Joey Paur

This weekend, Gareth Edwards' Godzilla blew up at the box office, pulling in over $196 million. It should come as no surprise that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are moving forward with a sequel. Deadline confirms the sequel and says that it's currently in development. 

There's no word on whether Edwards will be back to direct the film, but I imagine that he will be. The report goes on to say that Edwards talked about the sequel, and that "he would use the same kind of restraint that he did for this one. He learned well from watching Spielberg films as the monster was only talked about for the first part of this film. And, of course, there were those reaction shots that added to the suspense."

That's fine with me! I loved what Edwards did with Godzilla. He stayed true to the spirit of the giant monster and built a great story around him. I was completely happy with how the movie turned out. I can only imagine that the sequel will be even better. Even though Edwards says he would use the same kind of restraint for the sequel, I'm sure the studio will want to show more of the monster the second time around. It seems like that the biggest issue fans had with the movie — not enough Godzilla. 

I liked the tone, style, and storytelling technique used for this movie. But if they want to add more Godzilla to the sequel, I won't complain!

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