GODZILLA Video Game - PS3 Gameplay Trailer

If you are looking for some more Godzilla action, the King of Monsters will be coming exclusively to Playstation 3. Will the game live up to the awesome movie that director Gareth Edwards gave us? Probably not, but it still might be fun to play. Movies rarely translate well to video games, and this one looks like it could have been better. Here's some information that was released for the game.

Bandai Namco Games is announcing on Thursday that it will release the PlayStation 3 game Godzilla in Japan this winter. The action game lets you play the monster itself against human civilization, as you clear missions by destroying buildings and weapons. The game will recreate the look oftokusatsu (special effects) movies, including signature tokusatsu camera angles and gunpowder explosions, with the latest graphics.
Famitsu magazine describes a backstory that takes its cues from TOHO's first Godzilla movies: Godzilla, who appeared in Tokyo in 1954 and was brought down by the secret weapon Oxygen Destroyer, has somehow made landfall again. The player must destroy buildings in the stage with Godzilla's iconic attacks. The game will also have the 2014 American version of Godzilla from Gareth Edwards and Legendary Pictures.

Watch the trailer, and let us know if this is a game you'll be wanting to pick up!

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