Film projection has met its demise. The digital age has basically killed it off, and it's kind of sad if you really think about it. Most of the movies I've seen in my life time were projected on film. On top of that, there are film projectionists out in the world whose jobs are now obsolete, and theaters that are forced to shut down. This short documentary called "Going Dark: The Final Days of Film Projection" centers on two projectionists as they talk about their work, the differences between film and digital, and their feelings on the changes that have been made. It's sad. 

Hollywood is forcing theaters to either go digital or go dark. Studios have decided they will no longer send out film prints of new releases after 2014, eliminating the need for a 35mm film projectionist in most theaters. Going Dark profiles two projectionists during their last days on the job.

This fantastic documentary was directed by Jason Gwynn and Jay Sheldon. It's a heartfelt and honest film that I hope you take the time to watch. This is one of those stories that needs to be told. 

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