Google Made A Pretty Heartwarming Tribute To MISTER ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD


It’s a beautiful day in your neighborhood, and if you needed help remembering that, Google is here with a video that will hit you in the feels. Google Doodles uploaded a video celebrating the first day Fred Rogers stepped into a studio to record the very first episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, and it’s a video those who watched the show will truly appreciate. Check out more information below, and throw on a sweater and loafers today in honor of an American icon:

On this date, September 21, 1967, 51 years ago, Fred Rogers walked into the television studio at WQED in Pittsburgh to tape the very first episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which would premiere nationally on PBS in February 1968. He became known as Mister Rogers, nationally beloved, sweater wearing, “television neighbor,” whose groundbreaking children’s series inspired and educated generations of young viewers with warmth, sensitivity, and honesty. Today’s stop-motion, animated video Doodle celebrating Mister Rogers was created in collaboration with Fred Rogers Productions, The Fred Rogers Center, and BixPix Entertainment. Set to the iconic opening song of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (“Won’t You Be My Neighbor"), the Doodle aims to be a reminder of the nurturing, caring, and whimsy that made the show feel like a “television visit” between Mister Rogers and his young viewers.

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