GOTHAM Season 2 TV Spots Tease The Rise of The Villains

A day after adding Michael Chiklis to the second season of Gotham as a regular, Fox has released two new TV spots for the Batman prequel series. They hint at the progression of the villains as major players in the city during season 2, as well as teasing what appears to be the first look at the Batcave.

I haven't caught up with the show myself, but I'm curious how they handle the timeline of the whole Batman narrative. He's just a kid in this show, right? So why would he be discovering the Batcave so early? I'm guessing this isn't actually the Batcave we know from Batman lore, since it already has a digital lock in place (who installed that?) and a weird symbol on the door, but we'll find out when Gotham returns to Fox on Monday, September 21st.

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