GOTHAM Will Introduce a Potential Joker Character in Every Episode

TVGothamJokerby Joey Paur

Artist: Michael Walsh

The creators of the TV series Gotham are doing something really intriguing with the villain Joker. Yesterday, we showed you a few screenshots from the pilot episode of the Batman inspired series that showed a comedian performing in a club for Fish Mooney. There was a lot of speculation that this could be the future Joker, and it might! But there are going to be several characters that will be introduced throughout the first season that might end up being the Joker as well. 

According to Bleeding Cool, "every episode in the first season will introduce a character that might be a future Joker, each emphasising aspects of the character’s iconography, a card sharp, a flower seller, a clown, or just a guy with a very big grin."

I love how they are handling this series and character! This show is going to be so good! 

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