Grab a Friend and Share a Character in D&D with the ETTINLING PACKAGE

I’m always intrigued to see what fun races people come up with for Dungeons & Dragons. Well, Trevor Armstrong and Max Hickson have created the Ettinling Package, which presents a new race that requires two players. Essentially a two-headed ogre, the Ettinlings essentially have a smart head and a strong side.

The race presents some interesting ideas and even thinks through several aspects like the effects of spells and death saves, etc. There are some things that I feel are confusing, like calculating Armor Class and the fact that people have to declare which head is being attacked.

It just feels weird since you are probably attacking the body of the Ettinling, but then they each have different ACs, and in my opinion, it just starts to feel confusing. That being said, I would love to run a one-shot with some players running one of these or watch an episode of Critical Role where two of them have to share an Ettinling.

Once mighty two-headed creatures interested only in living a life of solitude... what have they now become?

You can purchase Ettinling Package from DMs Guild for $3.95.

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