Great GHOSTBUSTERS Kid Costume and Ecto-1 Push Cart

This kid Cooper just keeps getting the coolest Halloween costumes! This is the same kid who dressed up as Marty McFly from Back to the Future and had the cool DeLorean push cart last year, and you can see those photos here. This year he's back as a Ghostbuster with an impressively awesome Ecto-1 push cart.

The push cart version of the Cadillac-based ghost mobile also is made of cardboard boxes, according to Cooper's parent's website, RottenKitten Studio, but also plastic salsa cups from Mexican take-out, empty soda bottles, LEDs, paint and, of course, a bunch of tape.

This year my girls are dressing up as a Witch and a Pirate. Yeah, their costumes may not be as epic as this Ghostbusters costume, but they still look so damn cute! If you have kids, what are you dressing them up as for Halloween? 

Via: Rotten Kitten

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