Great First Trailer For THE DRAGON PRINCE Season 2, Which Will Have Smoother Animation

We’re roughly two weeks away from the release of the second season of The Dragon Prince. I recently watched the first season and I enjoyed it. It had some problems such as the fact that it felt more like the first half of a season and the animation was choppy, but overall, the characters and story were getting interesting by the end of season one. We now have a bit more information about the second season including the fact that they’re looking at making the animation smoother. Hallelujah!

Enough fans on social media were vocal about their dislike of the choppy animation and the head writers, Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, heard us. In an interview with Polygon, Danika Harrod, head of community management, said:

I think that the animation is the big thing. It’s really fine-tuned for season 2. We just heard a ton of feedback on [the animation] and the guys take it really seriously.

Richmond also told Polygon that they’ve worked hard to change some things:

We’re really proud of what we did with season 1, but I think we always try to do better. Every time we get the ability to do more of this stuff, we’re always trying to make the process better. We really tried in season 2 to make the show look as good as it possibly could. I think we took some of the notes to heart and said we can fix some of the things that people may not have liked as much.

In addition to the promise of smoother animation, we now have a trailer for season two and I was shocked at how the intensity seems to have been cranked up four-fold. The first season was fairly whimsical and reminded me a lot of the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The trailer for season two feels a lot more intense like the third season of Avatar. My guess is that things will get as intense as season two of Avatar though. Are you excited for the second season of The Dragon Prince?

The Dragon Prince season two will be available on Netflix on February 15.

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