Great Oscar Nominated Short about Undertakers - THIS WAY UP

The oscar nominated animated short, This Way Up, tells the story of two undertakers who try to deliver a body to a graveyard. Of course, everything that can possibly go wrong does.  

The film was produced by Nexus and directed by Smith & Foulkes, and it's very entertaining. It was nominated for an Oscar back in 2008, but recently popped up online for everyone to watch. You can no see for yourself why it was nominated for the prestigious award.

Laying the dead to rest has never been so much trouble. 

The animated caper is a series of emotional and literal pitfalls for the pall-bearing team, as their journey and relationship unravel on an epic scale culminating in the pair joining the old lady in a trip through the underworld.

I love everything about this short. It's extremely funny and morbid. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to io9 for the tip!

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