GREEN LANTERN CORPS May Have Multiple Green Lanterns from Earth

We are going to start this off with a declaration. I WANT THE DCEU TO SUCCEED! I really do. I may not be considered a DC guy, but I like a lot of their properties and their heroes are topnotch. In my dreams, all of these superhero movies, both Marvel and DC, are headed to an Amalgam crossover type movie series. Just putting it out there. Hopefully, the right people are reading this and it will happen.

Ok, back on track. According to Latino Review, a source close the DCEU let them know that we could be treated to not just one, not just two, but three of our favorite Green Lanterns from Earth. Remember that this is just a rumor for right now, but Latino Review has been solid with their predictions. Here is what they had to say:

The Green Lantern Corps movie in 2020 won't just feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart--the two most popular Green Lanterns--but also Kyle Rayner was name-dropped as a third Green Lantern from Earth to appear in the film. Another big takeaway is the age of these Lanterns, namely Hal Jordan. who the studio wants to be in the age range of, say, Matt Damon. The other two will be younger.

This one paragraph opens up so many cool opportunities; I think my brain might explode with all of the options.

We will start with the obvious, Hal Jordan. Do you know who is around Matt Damon’s age who isn’t Matt Damon? Nathan Fillion. Despite the fact that Fillion has previously announced that he would like to play Booster Gold, which would fit his personality, I would love to see him as Green Lantern. I am assuming that Hal will be the first one cast due to the fact that the Justice League wouldn't feel complete without Green Lantern.

Seeing John Stewart on the list was not that surprising, I actually thought that was the route they were going to go with the Green Lantern Corps. The name that struck me upside the head was Kyle Rayner. To me, seeing the names Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan in the same paragraph brings one word into my mind, DESTRUCTION.  If you are a fan of the Green Lantern Corps graphic novels, you know what I am talking about. It seems like they would have to come up with a new origins story for Rayner, unless they are going by the saying go big or go home. We all know that the DCEU currently comprises some pretty dark storylines, and Rayner’s acquisition of the ring of power definitely falls in line with that. Can you say Parallax?

I wasn’t very interested in seeing Green Lantern brought back to the big screen in a solo movie, however, with this bit of information, I am thoroughly intrigued.

Who would cast as Earth’s Green Lantern Corps? Who else is frustrated that Guy Gardner is not on that list?

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