Dragonzord Rise! Slick Green Ranger Art by Quirkilicious

Go Go Power Rangers! Bummm baaaada ba da, (sequence into amazing air guitar solo).

Ahem, apologies. Got a bit carried away there.

For those uninitiated, the Green Ranger was the best thing to happen to the show since every guy's crush on the Pink Ranger subsided (don't lie, when you were a kid you liked her too), and part of that was attributed to just how cool his Dragonzord was and how he summoned it, with the, you know, the Dragon Dagger Flute thing.

Quirkilicious also fondly remembers the Green Ranger, hence the rad art you see above. Quirkilicious's art is always stellar in the coloring department, and the fact that Dragonzord is given equal billing in this piece takes it over the top. You can catch more of his artwork on his Deviant Art page.

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